Enterprise multi-network instant messaging client

Enhance your messaging

  • Visual contact list. Isn't it easier to remember a contact by his picture rather than some john247 ?
  • Jingle nodes. Talk for free about the things that chat text just can't explain.
  • Multi-threaded, multi-user discussions made simple. Chat window evolved.
  • Bookmarks and history. Quick, easy access to past conversations and chat rooms.
  • Advanced features.

    OneTeam – simple, secure and easy to use

    OneTeam is a versatile instant messaging client that is very intuitive to use. Even people who are new to instant messaging will find it easy to get started, while experienced users will discover a range of advanced features, like accessing archived conversations or setting up chat rooms. OneTeam offers all of the security features that you would expect, including client to server encryption, so you can be confident that all your conversations will take place in private.

    Keeping you connected at home, in the office and on the move...

    OneTeam is available in a variety of versions, which enables it to be used on the desktop, via an Internet browser, or via an iPhone or iPad. See the versions

    ...and delivering all the features you need

    Key features of OneTeam include group chatting, free conversation archiving and the ability to communicate with contacts across multiple different networks. Read more about the features of this solution. See the features

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    Stay in touch!

    OneTeam is available in a variety of different versions, for desktop, for browser and for mobile devices. By installing the solution at home, in the office and on your iPhone, you can now easily keep in contact with your friends and colleagues anywhere you go.

    OneTeam Desktop

    Available in versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, OneTeam Desktop offers a comprehensive range of features. It is available free of charge and can be downloaded by clicking on the boxes below.

    OneTeam for Firefox

    Almost identical to the desktop solution, OneTeam for Firefox is designed to give users the ability to access their instant messages from any computer that is running the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. The solution looks and feels like a desktop application and can be acquired free of charge.

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    • A single platform for communicating with everyone – OneTeam allows users to chat with all their contacts across multiple different networks, including AIM®/MobileMe®, ICQ®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk® and Twitter (using Tweet.IM, a free service from ProcessOne)
    • Free conversation archiving – OneTeam automatically saves all conversations on a secure server or on the local device (in the case of the iPhone solution). There is no charge for this service and conversations can be saved for an indefinite period of time.
    • Free use of conference rooms – OneTeam allows users to easily create conference rooms, where multiple users can converse in real time. There are no size limits: over a thousand people can join the conversation with no impact on messaging performance.
    • Automatic message holding – When users are not online, OneTeam automatically stores their messages and delivers them to their in-boxes when they log back in. No messages are lost, making instant messaging as reliable as voicemail and email.
    • Tight data security – All instant messaging discussions are protected using encryption (StartTLS or SSL) and corporate users can also connect via a secure virtual private network (VPN).
    • XMPP compliance – OneTeam can be used as part of an enterprise instant messaging solution, because it can be used to send and receive instant messages using any XMPP-based instant messaging server.
    • Simple account management – It is quick and easy to set up a OneTeam account to start sending instant messages. Alternatively, if users have an existing XMPP account, such as with GMail or jabber.org, they can re-use the account that they have already got.
    • Cost effective to use – OneTeam Desktop and OneTeam for Firefox can be downloaded free of charge. There is a small cost for OneTeam for iPhone (see the version), but users of this solution can send and receive instant messages via their iPhone using their existing data plan, so there is no per-message cost.
    • Suitable for Wifi, 3G and Edge networks – OneTeam can be used as part of an enterprise instant messaging solution, because it can be used to send and receive instant messages using any XMPP-based instant messaging server.
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    • Roster
    • Group chat
    • Group chat
    • Chat screen
    • List of chats
    • Firefox extension
    • Chat screen

    Why choose OneTeam?

    • It offers a full range of features, making it one of the most advanced instant messaging clients available
    • Versions for the Desktop and Firefox are available free of charge
    • It works on the iPhone and iPad, enabling you to stay in touch even when you leave your desk
    • It is a product of ProcessOne, experts in instant messaging solutions. Visit ProcessOne website